We keep your medical record secure and safe from inferno, flooding, rodents, etc

Your medical record is readily accessible irrespective of time

We Manage schedules and get lab test results appropriately

About Our Medical System

Medical Record Management System

Our mission and purpose is to share in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through the provision of health services that are based on a holistic approach and that affirms the dignity of the people we serve.

  • Patient, Samples Collection And Lab Result
  • Patient Bio-Data Management
  • Schedule Management (Creation, Rescheduling and Canceling of Appointments)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Xray Ultasound ECG Scan

Features & Services


Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Hormones, PCR, Medical Microbiology, Serology and Virology.


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession to develop and maximising quality of life for people.


Ultrasonography, X-RAY Investigation, ECG,2D-Echo, Doppler Ultrasound

Patients Ward

Provision of standard hospital bed and quality medical equipments in the ward for proper investigation/Reviews of admitted patients.

Eye Clinic

In Symptoms Module, a patient can enter his/her symptoms. In Prescriptions Module, a doctor can view the symptoms and prescribe; the patient can view the prescriptions.


Dialysis Machines and Well maintained equipment for dialysis patients are provided, Blood transfusion with proper care from our Professional health services.