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Annunciation Specialist Hospital (ASH)Technical School Emene, Enugu.
Annunciation Technical School is one of the training facilities in the Annunciation Specialist Hospital. This houses the joint programme of Annunciation Specialist Hospital and the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu in Hospital Equipment Management, Maintenance and Repairs towards the establishment of a School of Bio-medical engineering for the award of a National Diploma Certificate.

Responsive image This programme which started as a Planned Preventive Management (PPM) in Hospital Equipent in the hospital attracted the attention of the Center for Disease Control, (CDC) Atlanta/DFAIT in 2011 to propose partnership with ASHE in the establishment of an AFRICAN CENTRE FOR LABORATORY EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE Project to be sited at Annunciation Specialist Hospital (ASH).

When CDC staged out of the partnership because ASH is a private body, the Hospital continued with its original plan to establish school of Bio-medical engineering for the award of a National Diploma. This is aimed at not just to equip graduates of the school with the required knowledge and skill, but also to empower them to compete at the labour market with approved certificates from an accredited academic institution. Annunciation thus continued discussions with the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu (IMT) to draw up an MOU for the establishment of the School. ASH/IMT has taken serious steps towards pursuing accreditation for the school by NBTE.

While this is in progress ASH in linkage with IMT decided to run a one year Certificate Course on Hospital Equipment Management (HEM) as a base for the school while pursuing accreditation of the school. This has been on for the past four years, while IMT Enugu arranges for NBTE Resource inspection of the programme as one of the programmes of IMT Enugu.

The Course content of the one year programme for the moment is as follows: The Programme comprises of 21 Courses arranged in two Semesters in the one year, as follows:
6 Hospital Equipment Maintenance (HEM) Courses:
  • HEM 101 – Fundamentals of Hospital Equipment (Theory and Practical)
  • HEM 102 – Installation and Operations of Hospital Equipments (Theory and Practicals)
  • HEM 103 – Maintenance and Management of Hospital Equipment (Theory and Practicals)
  • HEM 201 – Fundamentals of Hospital Equipment 2
  • HEM 202 – Installations and Operations of Hospital Equipments 2
  • HEM 203 – Maintenance of Hospital Equipment 2
7 General Studies (GNS) Courses:
  • GNS 101 – English Language and Communication
  • GNS 105 - Biophysics
  • GNS 104 – Anatomy and Physiology
  • GNS 106 – Introduction to Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • EED 216 – Practice of Entrepreneurship
  • GNS 201 – English Language and Communications 2
  • GNS 204 – Anatomy and Physiology 2
1 Computer Course:
  • COM 101 – Introduction to Computer
2 Mechanical Engineering Courses:
  • MEC 105 – Technical Drawing
  • BME 232 – Hydraulitic and Pnemetic System
2 Mathematics Courses:
  • MTH 101 – Elementary Mathematics and Algebra.
  • MTH 122 – Trignometry and Analytic Geometry
4 Biomedical Engineering Courses
  • BME 243 – Biomedical Device & Equipments
  • BME 232 – Hydrolytic and Pneumatic System
  • BME 233 – Technical Report Writing
  • BME 244 – Project writing (Fabrication of Bio-medical Equipments)
4 Weeks’ Industrial Attachment:
A 4 week field work which exposes the students to intensive practical experience is part of the programme
Project Work/Defence:
Students in groups undertake a project work on fabrication/repairs/maintenance of different equipments and detailed report on what is done.

Below are photographs of students and their activities in the different years:
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Batch 1 Pioneer group at their Project Defense - This group fabricated a suction pump.

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Batch 1 Pioneer group at their Project Defense – This candidate fabricated Film observing Light.

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This group fabricated a Sphygmomanometer.

Responsive image

Students taking instructions from IMT Project Supervisors before the Project defense.

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A group of students working on their project – a water bath apparatus.

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This group fabricated a water distilling apparatus.

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Students at work during their field work experience.

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Students at their project defence.

Alongside the one year certificate course, we run a three months intensive programme for any Hospital that expresses the need for their staff.
This includes a 6-weeks theory and a 6-weeks practical work, and a two weeks field work outside ASH.
Photos of activities during the three months training programme for enugu state ministry of health candidates from seven district hospitals in the state:
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 Ministry of Health students on three months programme learning about the Autoclave.

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 Ministry of Health students on three months programme learning about the Autoclave.

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 Students of Enugu State Ministry on Three Months Intensive training – Learning Things about the Autoclave.

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 The 26 Ministry of Health candidates on the three months intensive programme.

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 Students working on an incubator

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 Students servicing Foot suction pump.