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Annunciation Laboratory... Introduction

Annunciation Specialist Hospital Emene, Enugu (ASHE) Laboratory is a state-of-the art laboratory that provides specialized laboratory services: Haematology/Blood Group Serology, Clinical Chemistry, Hormones, PCR, Medical Microbiology, Serology and Virology. The Laboratory is located within the hospital as one of the departments.

Responsive imageThe purpose of the hospital is to provide our people with a “person oriented healthcare delivery services”, thereby giving patients an atmosphere where their human BRIEF HISTORY: The laboratory started in 1998, the same time the hospital started. It has undergone series of assessments, external and internal audit from MLSCN, CDC, WHO, MOH Enugu State, CCCRN, FMOH etc.

The laboratory is registered with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) (as a Private Medical Laboratory: (PML/2461)).

The laboratory and the hospital share the same mission and vision.


Our mission and purpose is to share in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through the provision of health services that are based on a holistic approach and that affirms the dignity of the people we serve. Responsive image

Different cadres of laboratory personnel work in ASHE laboratory department, ranging from Scientist(s), Technician(s), Laboratory Assistant who are fully licensed by Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) and Laboratory support staff (Laboratory attendants).

Documents in the Laboratory:
The ASHE laboratory as a registered laboratory with the Medical Laboratory Science Council in the country and as they are practising the Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 15189 have some very important documents which are readily available in the facility (though controlled) and is open for anyone who want to read. The documents are: Clients’ Handbook, Quality Manual, SOPs and Safety Manual. These documents are reviewed periodically.

Annunciation Laboratory...Services

Monday - Sunday Time: 24hours.

7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for non analytical staff
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for analytical staff.

A call-duty service is available; this is the reason for 24hrs of services provided.


Restriction signage should be respected wherever they are posted. Clients and all other hospital workers are allowed to the sample collection areas and places without the signage of prohibition.

The main Laboratory (analytical sections) are restricted area and so all unauthorised and non laboratory persons are prohibited from entering the testing areas of the laboratory.

Services available include the following:
1. Routine Investigation/Diagnosis. Medical Microbiology (MMCB), Parasitology (P), and Serology (S), Clinical Chemistry and Hormonal assay Haematology (H) and Immunology (I), Blood banking

2. Research study, Academic and Non-Academic Projects: Students (undergraduates and post graduates) of different scope (B.Sc./BMLS/M.SC/PhD/Fellowship/Others) are allowed to run their academic projects in ASHE Laboratory. Also some NGOs do their projects here as well.

3. Training: The laboratory has annual schedule to train and retrain its staff, train the hospital workers especially the waste handlers, some vendors, hospital drivers and every newly employed staff of the hospital. Also, some Institutions of Technology registered and recognised by the MLSCN e.g. SMLT Ehalumona, Nsukka periodically send their students for laboratory postings.

4. Mobile laboratory: The Laboratory undertakes mobile clinic services, but such exercise attracts extra charge for the services rendered. The laboratory can embark on outreach (both within the state and outside the state), going to institutions/organisations/churches to collect specimen from the members, sometimes to homes and offices. There is no annual schedule; the services are attended as the need arises.

5. Mentorship and supervision: the laboratory according to need, undertake mentorship and supervisory services to sections/departments within the Annunciation Specialist hospital, community health centres, and clinics both within and outside the state.
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The rights of the patients are enormous and cannot be exhausted. The lab personnel and indeed other health care professionals in this organisation makes sure that patients enjoy their full rights and benefits by counselling the patient, giving opportunities to the patient to plan the examination in advance and arranging a sufficient number of small rooms for the collection of specimen for the purpose of privacy.

Every patient is entitled to privacy even if the patient has not requested for it. The patient is entitled to privacy during collection of specimen and release of the laboratory results. Patients results may be used for research, but their privacy must be maintained at the point of releasing the results of the research to the public .i.e., no mention should be made of their names and hospital numbers or anything that will link the research to them. In ASHE where record keeping is computerized, the computer is protected with a password.

Procedures done in ASHE Lab inflict minimal injuries to the patient. Effort is made so that a venepuncture is performed carefully without a need for several repeats. Skin snip and scrapping, is done bearing in mind to inflict minimal injuries to the patient.