Annunciation Specialist Hospital Enugu


Our mission and purpose is to share in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through the provision of health services that are based on a holistic approach and that affirms the dignity of the people we serve.

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Clinic / Consultation Days

Clinic / Consultation Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Clinic / Consultation Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
General consultations (all cases) Cardiology
Surgical (SOP) Urology
Dental Clinic Psychiatric Clinic
Antenatal Care /Gynaecology Neurosurgery
Paediatric Clinic Physiotherapy
Paediatric Surgery Dot Clinic
Trauma / Orthopaedics Retroviral / Ahaart Clinic
Nephrology Eye Clinic
Ear, Nose and Throat

Available Training Services


We offer Residency Training in Family Medicine department. This training programme was accredited by the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria. This is a postgraduate training of medical doctors in the specialty of family medicine.


School for
Nurse Assistants

We Operate a training School for Nurse Assistants. Here we teach the students how to offer patients compassion and patience while assisting them with day-to-day life tasks such as dressing, bathing and feeding. They also learn to support doctors and nurses in diagnostic procedures and technical treatments..

Training in Hospital Equipment Maintenance

We operate a Hospital Equipment Management and Maintenance school which is to train individuals on the management and maintenance of hospital equipment.

Planned / Preventive

We also operate Planned/Preventive Maintenence Training School. This is designed to impart the necessary skills required to keep hospital equipment running smoothly without interruption. It also involve training on how to follow servicing scheduled for equipment as specified by Manufacturer.


Physiotherapy/Fitness Center

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which works to develop, maintain and restore movement and functional ability and as such maximising quality of life for people.
Physiotherapy addresses problems with movement, dysfunction and pain. These can arise from musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory and chronic disability conditions or from mental illness and intellectual impairment.
The physiotherapy department in ASH strives to provide an in-patient and out-patient service that is based on high standards of care and quality, minimizing the effects of physical injuries and strengthening muscles. We provide a range of intervention which include treatment, education and advice. We are involved at all stages of the patient’s pathway; assessing, diagnosing, treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion, education and discharge. Our skilled team of therapists also help to prevent further injury, reduce pain and maximize physical function. Our key specialty areas include Neuromuscular, Back and spinal pain, Stroke and brain injury, Sports, Paediatric, Women health, Cardiac, Spinal cord injury rehabilitation and others.


We have a well equipped gymnasium where we run various classes for patients and clients. It comprises of cardiovascular section made up of treadmill and cycle ergometers and weights section with free weights and resistance machinery with a variety of sit up benches. A massage room housing various massage machines is present for relaxation purposes as well as changing rooms.


Monday-Saturday (8am - 7pm)
Sunday (12pm - 6pm)

For more information or to make an appointment, you can reach the physiotherapy department at

Hospital Facilities

Smiley face X-Ray
Smiley face Ultrasound
Smiley face E.C.G
Smiley face Phototherapy light
Smiley face Modern Neonatal Unit with radiant heat warmer, incubator

Hospital Facilities

Smiley face Physiotherapy/Fitness Center
Smiley face Standby Generators
Smiley face 24 hours Water Supply
Smiley face Private Ward with: Air Condition, T.V. sets and Refrigerator
Smiley face 3 bedded ward (self-contained)

Hospital Facilities

Smiley face Ultramodern operating theatres
Smiley face NHIS/Private Insurance Scheme Provider
Smiley face Dialysis Center
Smiley face Center for Clinical Care / Clinical Research (CCCRN) – HIV Care Programme
Smiley face New Born Special Care Unit