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About Us
Annunciation Specialist Hospital is a mission hospital, a project owned and managed by the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation. Encouraged and supported by the Deutschorden Order in Germany, through their Hospital Project – Deutschorden Hospital Werk (DOH). It is the magnanimity and benefaction of this Religious Order that gave life to the idealism of Annunciation Specialist Hospital.

Responsive imageThe purpose of the hospital is to provide our people with a “person oriented healthcare delivery services”, thereby giving patients an atmosphere where their human dignity is respected, irrespective of social status, colour, race or religion.

It is our aim to give patients quality medical and nursing care. Patients are also given the opportunity of being equally conscious and responsible for their well being, both physically, spiritually, psychologically and in taking necessary preventive measures. The person oriented health care delivery programme helps the staff to see their professional labour as service to the people where everybody is responsible for his/her action; and cooperation between staff and management becomes a way of life.

Annunciation Specialist Hospital Emene – Enugu was officially opened on the 9th day of February 1998, with a capacity of 100 beds, 2 theatres, modern analytic Laboratory, E.C.G., Ultra/Sound and X – ray. The Hospital is located along Abakaliki express road – Emene village, Enugu.

Directors, Departmental Heads and Ward Sisters manage the various departments and wards respectively.Responsive image

Members of the management team include:
  • The Ag. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Director of Medical Services
  • Assistant Director of Medical Services
  • Director of Finance and Administration
  • Director of Nursing Services
  • Assistant Director of Nursing Services


Current Members of Management Team Include:

Sr. Ifeomachukwu Onyia

The Ag. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Sr. Dr. Nwankwo Elochukwu

Director of Medical Services


Dr. Eric E. Asimadu

Assistant Director of Medical Services


Sr. Uchenna Nwafor

Director of Finance and Administration


Sr. Theophilia Umeike

Director of Nursing Services


Sr. Edith Egbogu

Assistant Director of Nursing Services


Our Vision and Mission
Responsive imageThe Vision and Mission of Annunciation Specialist Hospital as a healthcare delivery facility or outfit of a Faith Based Organization (FBO).
  • The Policy of the FBO in its engagement in healthcare delivery.
  • The goal(s) of the FBO and set targets for the year 2010 especially in relation to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); the National 7-Point Agenda; Enugu State 4-Point Agenda and of course, international considerations.

To take necessary steps thereto to:
  • Focus on the set goals of the organization.
  • Review the assets and capacities available at present; e.g. staff disposition, categories and shortfalls.
  • Develop a one-year plan for the facility with respect to the usual core functions of the various departments and units;
  • Develop activities around these core functions;
  • Reflect cost inputs ….. recurrent and capital;
  • Ascertain budget ceiling if any, and priorities rationalize to fit into budget ceiling;
  • Post to activity heads of the Chart of Accounts (CoA);
  • Develop classification codes for the facility;
  • AND
  • To ascertain the physical number of relevant staff of the facility involved with planning and budgeting for the institution;
  • Draw up programme for training such staff on planning and budgeting process.
Annunciation Specialist Hospital plans to improve and strengthen its management process by developing a business / operational plan for year 2010. This, it has decided, is necessary in order to adequately accommodate the emerging challenges as may pertain to the private and NGOs involved in healthcare delivery in Enugu State. As a sequale, the Hospital Management is seeking to engage Local/National Consultants to assist its staff in developing a business/operational plan for the up-coming year; and also further to this, help build the capacity of the relevant staff to enable them handle such assignments in subsequent years.

Guiding Principles
Responsive image We are guided by the following principles:
  • All the activities and actions of the hospital must be in accordance with the true spirit of Christian love.
  • The hospital is a non-profit making organization but must always plan to cover its full cost and “balance the books” for any venture or activity.
  • The human rights of the patient and clients, including the right to respect and confidentiality will be upheld at all times.
  • The rights and interests of patients and clients must come before the rights and interests of staff.
  • The hospital will value its workforce and seek to follow best practice in the management and development of its human resources while balancing the interests of staff with their responsibilities to patients, clients and the hospital management.
  • Communities, patients and staff will be encouraged to participate in and contribute to the plans and development of the hospital.
  • When undertaking their jobs in the hospital, Priests and members of religious Orders will always be regarded as employees. They will have no special privileges in this role.
  • The hospital will set targets and use an objective based appraisal / performance management scheme to focus all available resources on the delivery of the hospital’s purpose and strategic direction.